Jon | Age: 32 | Profession: Architect | Gaymer Tag: RoboTofu

A licensed architect and travel lover, Jon loves exploring both the built and natural worlds. He has traveled to Europe several times and studied architecture in Spain, France, and the Netherlands. Jon grew up in Atlanta, GA, and got his undergraduate degree in Design Management at Arizona State University. After spending several years in the desert, he moved back to Atlanta and got his Masters Degree in architecture from Georgia Tech. Since then he has worked in Atlanta, designing apartment and dorm communities across the United States. His passion for design has led him to seek out the world’s best architecture, from ancient monuments to modern wonders, and he is fascinated with them all. Jon is a self-proclaimed nerd, and loves playing board games and video games, as well as listening to podcasts about culture, politics, and LGBTQ issues. He also loves all things Harry Potter and has read the HP books multiple times.

Aaron | Age: 33 | Profession: Physical Therapist | Gamer Tag: TurboWizard

Aaron is a physical therapist and an avid lover of the outdoors. He has hiked the 2,200-mile-long Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and has spent hundreds of nights backpacking across the USA, Europe, Australia and Tasmania. Aaron is an Eagle Scout and uses his knowledge of the outdoors to make sure he and his husband don’t die in the wilderness. As a physical therapist, he knows the importance of maintaining good physical fitness and is also a great resource for stretches, exercise, and diet tips. Aaron loves roughing it in the woods and on the trails and savors sleeping under the stars and fresh mountain air. He is also a gear nerd, and loves trying out and searching for the best new gear. Aaron also loves games, both video and board, enjoys anything sci-fi, anything science or medicine-related, and particularly likes Warhammer 40k. He is a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and volunteers to help homeless in Atlanta.

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